Visit Pearl Harbour, Hawaii


Visiting Pearl Harbour in Hawaii was easily the most breathtaking and rewarding experience that I have had to this date. Stepping on-board the USS Arizona, and USS Missouri, and learning about the events that took place on the 7th of December, 1941, provides an extremely emotional and fulfilling experience for anyone interested in visiting.

Where:  Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, USA

How: My family and I took a tour bus, which was approximately $38 (US) per adult, and included our entry into, and tour of, pearl harbour, the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona, as well as visits to many other historical landmarks in Honolulu. I would highly recommend visiting Pearl Harbour as part of a tour with ‘Roberts Hawaii’, as you will also get the opportunity to visit a number of remarkable sites in Honolulu, such as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The tour guides that work for Roberts Hawaii are also whole heap of fun and really add to the entire experience. Below is a link to their website:

Name: Matt

Age: 19

My Location: Australia

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