Sunset dinner in Oia, Santorini


Oia is a small town in the north of  Santorini, Thira. It’s famous for the classic Santorini photos you see everywhere, and especially the stunning sunset. We had dinner at a restaurant (I can’t remember the name exactly, but all of these look amazing!) that had an uninterrupted view of the stunning sunset that comes over the Island. It’s best to get there early, and explore all the edges of Oia so you can experience all the beautiful views, and find your way to a restaurant before the crowds so you can get the best spot possible. Theres also hundreds of little shops throughout the tight alleyways and all through Oia that have everything from real opals to souvenirs. You’ll spend hours there, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time!

Where: Oia, Santorini, Greece

How: Getting to Santorini is easy from Athens or other islands through a ferry. To get to Oia from the port is really easy with countless transport options available at the port itself from a fast ferry which is roughly around 20 euros to a bus which is really cheap at generally under 10 euro. No matter where you are in Santorini it is pretty easy to get there, you can even hire a car or bike, or organise a taxi.

Age: 20

Country: Australia

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