Exploring Fiji’s Waterfalls

Image Source: hookedoneverything.com

Fiji is a diverse and beautifully untouched place that everyone should have the chance to explore at least once in their lifetime. In my experiences, one of the most astonishing adventures was visiting a huge waterfall and swimming in the rock pools underneath. In the province of Ra, in a group of villages nestled under two mountains, there are countless waterfalls, jungles, rivers and winding dirt roads waiting to be explored. In a village called Naqelecibi, there is a famous waterfall that reaches 10s of metres above the ground, and holds great spiritual value to the locals. When you visit it, the turquoise colour of the water is amazing, and the bright orange flowers amidst the lush green jungle surrounding are beautiful. Best of all are the locals who are only too happy to show you their (not so) little paradise. They will jump off high rocks with you and tell you of the mythical stories surrounding the natural phenomenon. Definitely worth a the small hike to get there!

Where: Naqelecibi Village, Rakiraki, Ra, Fiji Islands

How/ How Much: $0 if you know the locals- $50-$100 for a proper guided tour including a traditional lunch and a tour of the village. (Recommended to contribute money and partake in the tour as it is generally the only income some villagers receive)

My Location: Australia

My Age: 19

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