Releasing Floating Lanterns from a Beach in Thailand

Four years ago I was having dinner at a restaurant that overlooked a beach in Phuket when we saw countless lanterns being released into the night sky. As soon as we hit the beach we could see a vendor selling lanterns for a small fee. The vendor lights the small candle in the lantern and then we were free to walk further towards the water and start lifting the bright lantern into the air. There is a belief that just as you’re letting the lantern go, you make a wish and it will come true. I made sure to watch it until the light slowly dimmed out. 

Where: Thailand, Phuket.
When: Just after sunset.
Cost: 100 – 150 thb per lantern.
How: You can buy them on the main beaches of Phuket though Police are trying to ban the lanterns due to how unfriendly and unsafe they are to the environment and to people’s houses (they have been known to cause house fires).
Instead, you can go to many floating lantern festivals.

  • Loy Kratong Festival (November)
  • Yi Peng



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