Contiki in New Zealand


In January this year I did a Contiki tour in New Zealand for 16 days (North – South Island). It was incredible! Not only is NZ such an incredibly beautiful country, the activities I did were so much fun. From Lord of the Rings tours to bungee jumping to white water rafting – your options are endless. One of my favourites would have to be the Nevis Swing (worlds biggest swing) in Queenstown in which I took on with my best friend going down backwards upside-down. Go hard or go home right? NZ offers you the opportunity to totally conquer any fear you have, especially heights. Anyone considering the Contiki should definitely do the full tour so they can experience all that NZ has to offer and make the best lifelong pals along the way.

Where: New Zealand

How: Through the Contiki program- costed around $2400 plus flights (another ~600 return depending on time of year) PLUS spending money (be very generous)


Name: Danielle

Age: 20

Country: Australia

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