See Twenty One Pilots Live

I’d been to music festivals before, and had some bad experiences, so I was pretty nervous. The tickets had sold out in a flash, and when we got there we saw why – the venue was really small. This band is far bigger than that. We were a little confused. As it turns out, the smaller audience really made the performance more intimate. There was one point near the end of the night when the singer stopped for a minute and asked if we were doing okay, and said that a night like this could be someone’s worst night, so we’ve got to look out for each other. It’s like he spoke straight to my anxiety, and it was a really moving experience.

Where: Sydney, Australia

How/ tips: We drove an hour and a half north to Wollongong, then switched to a train for another hour and a half. From Central station we caught a bus, which took another half hour. In all, travel was about $30 each, plus the $60 tickets. Not too many concerts are advertised by location – usually you have to keep an eye on the bands you like, and check it out when you hear they’re touring.

Name: Xara

Age: 21

Country: Australia


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