Sydney’s St George OpenAir Cinema


photography -
Photography –

Whenever I used to think of an outdoor cinema it was always in associated with a completely black sky, an overbearingly huge screen and an abundance of bean bags and picnic rugs. Then I went to St George’s OpenAir Cinema. And everything changed.

We decided to arrive a few hours early to get settled (it was really just to get the best seats) but instead arrived to see a line that literally went hundreds of metres back from the gates of Mrs Macquaries Point, where the event was being held (everyone obviously had the same idea as us). Thankfully after only 10 minutes the gates were opened and the line disappeared. And then heaven struck. A postcard view spanning the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the city skyline was before us. At first no one really cared for the view, it was all about getting the best seats (priorities). And by seats, I mean literal seats – No bean bags were seen on this night. We were then free to do what we wanted. For us that was taking advantage of the harbourside restaurant and bar. The stunning views grew even more beautiful as the sky darkened and lights started to appear. After the sun had completely set it was showtime. 

Where: Mrs Macquaries PointSydney, Australia.
What: We watched Point Break but every night the movie choices changed.
When: February, 2016. (It’s open during the months of January and February)
Gates open at 6.15pm while the film commences at approximately 8:30pm.

If you’re interested:
Click here

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