Riding a Donkey up the cliffside of Santorini

This was definitely an experience of mixed feelings – A mixture of being terrified that the donkey was going to trip and I was going to be flung over the side of the cliff, with a mixture of awe regarding how incredible the view was the higher we got. The view being deep blue water that literally sparkled (I have video proof) with white washed buildings along with their light blue roofs. The feelings of awe definitely won in the end, (meaning when I safely had both feet on the ground). Kudos to Dan the Donkey for that feat. I don’t know why but this particular experience really cemented the fact that I was in Greece. Probably due to how incredibly cliche and stereotypical it is when one thinks of Greece and the things to do there. Probably also due to one too many watches of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

While it was great fun (and terror),  I’d definitely reconsider doing it in light of the donkey’s working conditions coming to light and how poorly treated they are. If you do decide to go through with it, make sure it’s a company that actually cares for the wellbeing of their animals. My friend and I were incredibly tempted to loosen the donkey’s leads and lead them to freedom (like proper animal activists), but quickly realised that no one is allowed to mess with Greek men’s donkeys. 

Where: Santorini, Greece.
When: May, 2015

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