Croatia’s Krka National Park


If you’re ever in Croatia then visiting this park is a definite must. It’s one of the most beautiful nature spots in Croatia with its own unique flora and fauna. It takes around twenty minutes to reach the falls from the entrance (where you have to pay a small entrance fee). Pictures never do anything justice so when I first stepped out of the thick trees and towards the opening I was actually blown away. I honestly could of just stood there for ages (and embarrassing did for about five minutes while my group was trying to get my attention). I remember just shoving my bag to the ground and racing towards the aqua coloured water where I then had to be pulled from two hours later because I just wanted to spend every remaining minute in it. It was definitely worth the separation anxiety after walking along the countless paths and seeing for myself the countless differing views of the waterfalls and lakes. 

I visited the park as a one day excursion from Split as part of a tour (one of hundreds of tours available) but it is also possible to visit the park through your own transport (car) or even by public bus. If I could go back and do it again I would choose to take my own car, simply because of how little time we were given. I mean four hours is enough for some people but it really flew by for me. I could of spent days and days there. I definitely recommend making the most of your time because it always seems to quickly fly by when you don’t want it to.

Where: Croatia, easiest accessed form either Split or Sibenik.
When: July (better experienced during Summer but it is open all year round).

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